Daikaijuu Smash – Fan Concept

The concept of this project is redesigning videogame characters into kaijû (colossal monsters like Godzilla) and mechas while inserting them into a world-building storyline. I try to incorporate the maximum amount of features from the source design by twisting them into something that makes sense for a giant monster.

The first one is obviously Donkey Kong the eponymous series. It’s the character that inspired me the idea of this project. I transformed his signature necktie into a scar.
Yoshi from the Mario series.
King K.Rool, the nemesis of Donkey Kong in the Donkey Kong country games.
King Dedede, one of the antagonist of the Kirby games. This design is a mainly a mix between an ankylosaurus and a bear.
The classic hero Pac-Man is now a frog. Logically, the ghosts he eats in the games are now moths.
A more obscure character: the wind fish from the Game boy classic: « The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening »
Various game characters I wanted to include but didn’t create full entries: the Condor from « Ice Climbers », Rambi from the « Donkey Kong Country » games and Bub from « Puzzle Bobble »
The robot Impact from the Ganbare Goemon series.
Ridley for the Metroid series
Bowser, the famous main villain from the Mario games.

Swords & Cookery

I’m currently developping a fantasy world based on food as a personal project. It is really fun but looking at references can make me really hungry!

Dwarves are masters in exploiting the rock candy mines. Using this precious ore, they forge the best weapons in the known world. Their greatest technological feat was to canalize the explosive reaction occurring when an underground soda lake comes into contact with mentosite minerals into a powerful ranged weapon…

After the invention of the soda cannon, an innovation thirst shook the overly traditional domain of candy weaponry. Following this trend, Captain Licorice created a prototype for a portable soda canon.

Another inventor managed to transform sugar crystals into a material both solid and elastic, able to absorb even the most violent impact. Carried away by his discovery, he decided to immediately mold an armor around himself: the operation was a success, the Gummy armor making him practically invulnerable … but the material was so strong that he remains trapped inside since then.

Cotton spiders were domesticated by dwarves to carry candy crystals ages ago. Their ability to build webs made of the candy floss they produce is especially useful to navigate in the complex layout of the mines.

Dwarves aren’t the only ones to spend time in the candy mines… and some encounters can be deadly!

The sweet tooth bat can absorb blood sugar with its bite, causing hypoglycemia. They become especially aggressive in withdrawal phase.

Thanks to their powerful jaws, glycemir giants can feed on raw rock candy. They also integrate the crystals in their skin to act as a physical protection… It is not rare that a dwarf dies under their club after having mistaken the back of glycemir with a rock full of precious ore.

The creature the dwarves fear the most is the fierce diabeast. Thanks to it corrosive saliva and powerful tongue, it can dissolve even the most solid candy weapon with just a few licks. A nightmare for every dwarf blacksmith!

Ice witches have the ability to tap into the magic energies and flavors trapped within the Sorbet glacier since ancient times. They always carry their ice cap, as well as other artifacts, made from pieces of glacier to use as a catalyst for magic.

Among them, the Ice Queen is not very popular. After all, witches are inherently allergic to vertical hierarchy … and she decided she would be queen all by herself. The witches still tolerate her shenanigans for one good reason: the tales of her mood swings and impressive group of yeti servants (nobody really knows why they obey her) are known across frontiers, warding off most undesirable strangers. »

To create their traditional ice cap, ice witches use the horns of a rhinoceros species living on the glacier. Like many other creatures, they have evolved skin appendages made of hard biscuit. These horns grow during spring to attract mates. When they fall at the end of summer, they are subject to intense trades between witches.

Anyone wanting to venture into the Spice Desert need to be guided by a local to avoid the illusions caused by its bewitching scents. These mystical nomads are even able to trap djinn-djers, elusive embodiments of spices, in magic mills in order to use their power.

Mushroom Kingdom Warriors – Fan concept

A few years ago, Hisashi Koinuma, Koei Tecmo’s president, said in an interview he would love to create a Musou game within the Mario universe… As a fan of the franchise, I started to imagine how you could adapt the crazy over-the-top action of Musou games to the more peaceful and simple Mario universe. I wrote moveset ideas for dozens of characters and, stumbling upon the file some time ago, I started to draw concert art for them.

Mario – Weapon: Fire gloves and Hero’s Cape

I wanted to go in a stylish, colorful direction and use pop culture archetypes to modify the character design and abilities. So I attributed a theme to each character and built a moveset around each while using a maximum of elements from the series.

Mario’s moveset examples.

For example, Mario being the brave main character, I naturally went with a super hero theme for him. I combined the fire flower and the cape powerups to create a fiery moveset for him.

Bowser – Weapon: Chain Chomp

With the same logic in mind, Bowser became a warlord in armor, Princess Peach a magical girl, Wario a wrestler,…

Princess Peach – Weapon: Mushroom scepter
Princess Peach’s moveset use various mushroom power-ups from the series.
Luigi – Weapon: Block Buddy
Luigi’s moveset is based around various kind of blocks.
Wario – Weapon: Magnetic gloves
Yoshi – Weapon: Ukiki rider
Yoshi’s moveset is using different fruit related abilities from various games, the monkey rider on its back providing fruits.

Minion Factory Inc.

I designed these 105 monsters for « Minion Factory Inc. », a personal game project. The game as a whole may never see the light (I need to find a new developer to continue) but this whole set is already a big project in itself. It first started as a game concept to train my creature design skills along with my partner’s coding skills.

I first estalished the list of monsters I wanted, covering the classic creatures of most RPG bestiary and picking the rest from myths from over the world. They are divided between 7 categories (top to bottom: beast, plant, dragon, humanoïd, demon, elemental and undead).


I then started the design process with detailed mechanical pen sketches. Most of the time, I iterated 2-3 times on each monster to find a design I was completely satisfied with.


I then scanned, inked and tweaked the design …


… and colored it in Photoshop.


During the whole design process, I tried to maintain a good variety of silhouettes to help people recognize them more easily.

Starflux Rivals

Some of the concept art work I have done for Rock Pocket Games for their upcoming game: Starflux Rivals. My task was to create mockups for several kinds of planets. Done with Photoshop.

Starflux Rivals (formerly named D.I.G) is a multiplayer game which could be described as a mix between Worms and Smash Bros with the gravity twist of Mario Galaxy and it’s shaping up to be a really fun game to play on a couch with friends!

Emperor Sphenioth

A creature concept I imagined as an original Monster Hunter creature. I really love the approach they have in creating monsters in this series. I used an old (and ugly) monster concept I draw in 2011 as a basis. It seems I improved quite a bit since that time.