Graphic Design

Various graphic design oriented projects I created as gifts or commissions. Made with Illustrator and Photoshop.

2 posters for fictional bands.

A banner for a videogame streaming on Twitch

A poster for the bedroom of a little fan of unicorns and princesses (but I tried not to be too stereotypically girly with the content of her adventures).



Crustacity is prototype for an Android tablet game mixing action/adventure with elements of a city building game and was our team final year project at school. The playable character is Bernard, a special kind of hermit crab hiding a city of planktons under its shell.
Among others things, I came up with the original game concept and universe, did a bit of game design, designed and produced the HUD as well as a chunk of the characters and assets.
You can find a build for PC with mouse controls here. Enjoy!

« J0-NaS: Bermuda Shorts Quest »

« J0-NaS: Bermuda Shorts Quest » is a 2D sidescroller puzzle game where the player control J0-NaS, the robot whale submarine, to find stolen bermuda shorts in the ocean. To do it, and to fight its enemies, J0-NaS can absorb abilities from sea creatures like sharks, squids or even seagulls !
The game has been developped for the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 with 3 other students and we won the Bronze medal of the French Competition.
J0-NaS also made us win the Bronze medal in 2012 by filtrating plastics from water in a serious game. We loved him so much we decided to use it as a basis for our new game concept the following year. I was the only graphist working on these projects.
Game assets produced with Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop.