Daikaijuu Smash – Fan Concept

The concept of this project is redesigning videogame characters into kaijû (colossal monsters like Godzilla) and mechas while inserting them into a world-building storyline. I try to incorporate the maximum amount of features from the source design by twisting them into something that makes sense for a giant monster.

The first one is obviously Donkey Kong the eponymous series. It’s the character that inspired me the idea of this project. I transformed his signature necktie into a scar.
Yoshi from the Mario series.
King K.Rool, the nemesis of Donkey Kong in the Donkey Kong country games.
King Dedede, one of the antagonist of the Kirby games. This design is a mainly a mix between an ankylosaurus and a bear.
The classic hero Pac-Man is now a frog. Logically, the ghosts he eats in the games are now moths.
A more obscure character: the wind fish from the Game boy classic: « The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening »
Various game characters I wanted to include but didn’t create full entries: the Condor from « Ice Climbers », Rambi from the « Donkey Kong Country » games and Bub from « Puzzle Bobble »
The robot Impact from the Ganbare Goemon series.
Ridley for the Metroid series
Bowser, the famous main villain from the Mario games.