Minion Factory Inc.

I designed these 105 monsters for « Minion Factory Inc. », a personal game project. The game as a whole may never see the light (I need to find a new developer to continue) but this whole set is already a big project in itself. It first started as a game concept to train my creature design skills along with my partner’s coding skills.

I first estalished the list of monsters I wanted, covering the classic creatures of most RPG bestiary and picking the rest from myths from over the world. They are divided between 7 categories (top to bottom: beast, plant, dragon, humanoïd, demon, elemental and undead).


I then started the design process with detailed mechanical pen sketches. Most of the time, I iterated 2-3 times on each monster to find a design I was completely satisfied with.


I then scanned, inked and tweaked the design …


… and colored it in Photoshop.


During the whole design process, I tried to maintain a good variety of silhouettes to help people recognize them more easily.