Mushroom Kingdom Warriors – Fan concept

A few years ago, Hisashi Koinuma, Koei Tecmo’s president, said in an interview he would love to create a Musou game within the Mario universe… As a fan of the franchise, I started to imagine how you could adapt the crazy over-the-top action of Musou games to the more peaceful and simple Mario universe. I wrote moveset ideas for dozens of characters and, stumbling upon the file some time ago, I started to draw concert art for them.

Mario – Weapon: Fire gloves and Hero’s Cape

I wanted to go in a stylish, colorful direction and use pop culture archetypes to modify the character design and abilities. So I attributed a theme to each character and built a moveset around each while using a maximum of elements from the series.

Mario’s moveset examples.

For example, Mario being the brave main character, I naturally went with a super hero theme for him. I combined the fire flower and the cape powerups to create a fiery moveset for him.

Bowser – Weapon: Chain Chomp

With the same logic in mind, Bowser became a warlord in armor, Princess Peach a magical girl, Wario a wrestler,…

Princess Peach – Weapon: Mushroom scepter
Princess Peach’s moveset use various mushroom power-ups from the series.
Luigi – Weapon: Block Buddy
Luigi’s moveset is based around various kind of blocks.
Wario – Weapon: Magnetic gloves
Yoshi – Weapon: Ukiki rider
Yoshi’s moveset is using different fruit related abilities from various games, the monkey rider on its back providing fruits.